IMFUFA Seminar: Entangling art and science

by Ulrich Busk Hoff (DTU)
Place: Roskilde Universitet 27.1, Room 1

‘Do not all charms fly, At the mere touch of cold philosophy?’ Those are the opening lines of John Keats’ poem Lamia expressing his concern that science would eventually destroy all the wonders and mysteries by logical explanations and ultimately art itself. As a physicist, I deeply appreciate the logical and analytical reasoning of science, and the importance of science for the progression and development of society can hardly be overestimated. I am, however, concerned that science is indeed perceived as cold, inapproachable, and hard-to-relate-to and that this is a barrier for the broader acceptance of scientific arguments and results.

In this talk, I will briefly introduce our research at the Centre for Macroscopic Quantum States (bigQ) at DTU Physics and then dive into some fruitful art-science collaborations we have conducted over the past years with the ambition of expanding the repertoire of science outreach and going beyond, spurring curiosity, and even making people laugh about quantum physics. Concrete outputs include the children’s book series about Finn Foton, quantum physics twisted into comic strips and animations in collaboration with cartoonist Anders Morgenthaler, and most recently a graphic novel with author Jan Egesborg providing an artistic interpretation of the Bohr-Einstein dialogue.


The seminar is open for everyone, no registration needed.


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