IMFUFA Seminar: Developing a physics program for the Science club (Videnskabsklubben) by Christian Mannov, Uffe Bundesen and Tina Hecksher (IMFUFA)

The Science Club is a society/association that runs programs for elementary school kids (3.-6. grade) to follow in their spare time – just like any other after-school activity such as sports or music. The concept is that scientists develop a 7 week program within their own scientific field and write a textbook/script that is detailed enough that high school students (called “mentors”) can understand the content and run the program independently. The idea is to make science a fun activity for school kids and nurture their curiosity towards the natural sciences.
Place: Roskilde University 27.1, Room 1

In developing such a program titled "Material Physics" (Materialefysik), we decided that the program should be centered around experiments and exercises and we defined overall "experience goals" for the participants (called "mini-scientists"), that we aimed to obtain with the activities and themes of the program. Elements of the program were tested along the way with school children from Trekroner Skole as Guinea pigs. In the seminar, we will discuss the considerations we had and challenges we met in the process, present the final program, and show some reactions from mini-scientist and mentors from the first run of the program.


The seminar is open for everyone, no registration needed.


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