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Find the Right Master Programme

Many of our master programmes consist of two subjects. Subject 1 defines your studies and thesis.
Subject 2 gives you the interdisciplinary perspective. Some programmes are single subject masters.

Molecular Biology (int)

Molecular Biology is the part of biology that concerns itself with macromolecules’ properties and interactions, and examines the function of genes and the function of the proteins that are formed. You will acquire a solid understanding of the key theories of biochemistry, cell biology, genetics and microbiology.

How to study Molecular Biology (int):

With thesis in another subject
  • Molecular Biology (int)

    Chemistry (int) +
    The master programme Chemistry + Molecular Biology will provide you with knowledge, skills and expertise in chemistry and molecular biology, as well as theoretical and practical skills to solve problems. You will learn to use your professional qualifications in complex situations.
  • Molecular Biology (int)

    Computer Science (int) +
    The master programme Computer Science + Molecular Biology will provide you with the skills to organise, manage and plan a system development project, including the software component, especially where the development and application of molecular biological models and methodologies are key, e.g. in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.
  • Molecular Biology (int)

    Environmental Biology (int) +
    In the master's programme Environmental Biology + Molecular Biology, you can become qualified to use genetic engineering methods to explore population ecology issues. Or you can investigate the cellular mechanisms behind the toxicological effects of environmental chemicals for organisms.