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Conference: Transforming for Sustainability

Roskilde University and UN City Copenhagen together host the conference Transforming for Sustainability. The conference strives to explore a broad range of perspectives from private and public organizations as well as academic research concerning the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Research project: ReMIX

ReMIX is a Horizon 2020 project about redesigning European cropping systems by increasing the use of species mixtures - intercropping - on the individual field.

Reasearch project: LEGVALUE

A Horizon 2020 project fostering sustainable legume-based farming systems and agri-feed and food chains in the EU.

Research project: PARC – Partnership for Circular Municipalities

The purpose of the project is to support, demonstrate and develop the unique role of municipalities in the transition to a circular economy through partnerships between municipalities, private companies and knowledge institutions in the Capital Region of Denmark.

Research project: An ocean of opportunities (plastic waste in Roskilde Fjord)

The project explores opportunities to monitor and reduce plastic waste in Roskilde Fjord. Together with local stakeholders (Roskilde Municipality, sewage sludge companies, technology providers and citizens) we analyse plastic waste and develop strategies, policies and activities aimed at reducing plastic pollution in the Fjord.

Research project: LINC – LOOP CITY INtelligent Commuting

The LINC project will develop knowledge about adaptation of electric, intelligent and driverless mobility through tests of electric, driverless busses shuttle busses at three sites greater Copenhagen.


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