Project launch: Entangled histories of Palestine and the global new left

Join the research team and its international advisory board for a discussion about the Palestinian liberation movement in its global encounters with the New Left, from the 1967 Six-Day War to the PLO’s exit from Beirut in 1982.
Start:kl. 14.00
Slut:kl. 16.00
Sted: Roskilde Universitet, Universitetsvej 1, 4000 Roskilde, bygning 03.1-S03

How did militants and activist exchange ideas, and to what extent did a global political imagination develop? Where are the unexplored archives, and how much do we know?

The project and its aims, by Sune Haugbølle (RUC)
Germany’s red 1970s, by Joseph Prestel (Freie U, Berlin) Discussion
The event is free and open to the public.

Drinks and snacks afterwards.