IMFUFA-seminar: A research physicist in an engineering world

Meet Lars von Moos (Niras) who will talk about beeing a research physicist in an engineering world.
Start:kl. 13.00
Slut:kl. 15.00
Sted: Roskilde Universitet, Bygning 27.1, lokale 1

Straight off a PhD within experimental material’s physics, I got a position at a large consulting engineering company as a hydraulic modelling specialist. But why would an engineering company hire a physicist, when they can get specialized engineers? And how does the day of a consultant compare to that of a research oriented scientist?

In this talk I will give an introduction to what hydraulic modelling is and how it is used in planning and optimizing the supply of district heating, which is the most widely used heat distribution form in Denmark. This is a process involving many different kinds of input: geographically encoded data (GIS), real time measurement data from flow/pressure devices, automation of data transfer/preprocessing/validation /storage, setting up meaningful models, interpreting results and documenting everything, including a business case with the economical perspectives. Furthermore I will try to illustrate what the day-to-day life is like in the private sector and why a physicist can be a good match for these kinds of tasks.


Seminaret foregår på engelsk.


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