Forelæsning - Revolution without Revolutionaries

Forelæsning #3 i forelæsningsrækken Critical Globality: Understanding the pessimism and despair surrounding the trajectory of the Arab Uprisings
Start:kl. 15.00
Slut:kl. 17.00
Sted: Biografen 41.1-14, Roskilde Universitet

Today, a strong sense of pessimism and despair surround the trajectory of the Arab Uprisings. In this lecture, the renowned sociologist Asef Bayat suggests that in order to understand this development, we need to historicize revolution in the Middle East. In comparison with the Iranian revolution of 1979, the uprisings were not revolution in the sense of their 20th Century counterparts, but ‘refo-lution’, that is, revolutionary movements that emerged to compel the incumbent regimes to reform themselves.

Forelæsning #3 i  forelæsningsrækken Critical Globality


Professor Asef Bayat
University of Illinois


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Critical Globality

En forelæsningsrække

Critical Globality is a new lecture series at Roskilde University. At a time when global questions radically increase in importance, we need to ask questions about how ‘the global’ can best be understood. With three invited speakers per semester, Critical Globality will engage international scholars in a conversation about historical and contemporary iterations of global connections, networks, economies and politics.

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