Forelæsning - Politics of Synchronization: From Progress to Crisis And Beyond

Forelæsning #8 i forelæsningsrækken Critical Globality:
Start:kl. 12.30
Slut:kl. 14.00
Sted: Bygning 41.1.14 (Biografen), Roskilde Universitet

Homogenous, uniform, and stable time does not just exist or emerge. In societies across the globe social time is produced by means of what I refer to as work or practices of synchronization. Some of this work is performed by technological innovations such as clocks, trains, telegraph lines, phones, satellites etc. Another set of tools, however, is linguistic, consisting of concepts, by which historical and political time is made understandable and workable. Concepts are used to order events, objects and polities temporally. By drawing together experiences, events, and meanings from different knowledge fields or cultures, they align their speeds, rhythms, and durations. One of the concepts used in order to synchronize global societies over the past two centuries is progress. In this talk I will map how progress has synchronized temporalities on a global scale and ask whether it is in the process of being replaced by another concept: the concept of crisis. In both cases I will be interested how these concepts affect the temporal politics on global and local scales, past and present.

Forelæsning #8 i forelæsningsrækken Critical Globality


Helge Jordheim, Professor of Cultural History, Oslo University


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