Forelæsning - A Golden Age of Barbarians? A different genealogy of globalization

Forelæsning #7 i forelæsningsrækken Critical Globality: A Golden Age of Barbarians? A different genealogy of globalization.
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Sted: Bygning 25.2 (auditorium), Roskilde Universitet

Since the earliest Mesopotamian city-states, most histories have been written from the perspective of the ‘civilized’ state centers. Populations outside these centers were, arguably, a majority of the population until early modern times and were stigmatized as “barbarians”, “primitives”, “savages”… They are properly understood as self-governing, autonomous populations and frequently as ‘runaway’ populations that had, over time, fled the taxes, epidemics, corvée labor, and social domination of state centers. I argue that “barbarian” life improved because there were large sedentary centers of wealth and grain nearby which “barbarians” could raid (vis the Berber saying “Raiding is our agriculture”) and with which they could profitably trade. By dominating trade routes, extracting tribute, and providing the connective tissue between large population centers, “barbarian” life was in general freer, more leisurely, healthier, and, contra Hobbes, less violent than life in the centers of civilization.  

Forelæsning #7 i forelæsningsrækken Critical Globality


James Scott, Professor of Political Science, Yale


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Critical Globality


Critical Globality is a new lecture series at Roskilde University. At a time when global questions radically increase in importance, we need to ask questions about how ‘the global’ can best be understood. With three invited speakers per semester, Critical Globality will engage international scholars in a conversation about historical and contemporary iterations of global connections, networks, economies and politics.

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