Forelæsning - Africa Rising: Class or Finance

Forelæsning #5 i forelæsningsrækken Critical Globality: Africa Rising: Class or Finance.
Start:25. okt 2019 kl. 15.00
Slut:25. okt 2019 kl. 17.00
Sted: Bygning 45.1-011, Roskilde Universitet

The big financial news out of Africa is “Africa Rising!” This exuberant expression refers to an “emerging middle class” that is the harbinger of new era for the continent. Development economists enthusiastically debate the magnitude of the middle class in terms of income distribution while anthropologists lament the economists’ failure to consider class-consciousness and group norms. What’s missing in their debate? Is the expanding middle class the result of a growth miracle under the shade of the baobab tree or the pragmatic development of new asset classes in the light of financial computer screens? Based on her new research, Roitman reflects on the disciplinary and methodological challenges of studying high finance and economic transformation today. 

Forelæsning #5 i forelæsningsrækken Critical Globality


Professor of Anthropology Janet Roitman, New School for Social Research, New York.


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Critical Globality


Critical Globality is a new lecture series at Roskilde University. At a time when global questions radically increase in importance, we need to ask questions about how ‘the global’ can best be understood. With three invited speakers per semester, Critical Globality will engage international scholars in a conversation about historical and contemporary iterations of global connections, networks, economies and politics.

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