Diabetic Wound Healing Workshop

The Diabetic Wound Healing Workshop is an interactive workshop, where we will facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations involving national and international research groups and clinicians within the field. Presentations from key researchers and different research groups, round table discussions and walk & talks will inspire to two days of interdisciplinary thinking where researches, clinicians and the industry can deliberate solutions to promote the healing of diabetic wounds.
Start:12. mar kl. 11.00
Slut:13. mar kl. 15.30
Sted: Roskilde Universitet, Bygning 42.2-037

Research into mechanisms of impaired wound healing in diabetes mellitus is important, since non-healing wounds constitutes the leading cause of amputations of especially toes and lower limbs in diabetes patients. This is a very important problem not only in Denmark, but certainly also in a global perspective. Efficient care requires many and frequent visits to foot therapists and occasionally surgical intervention. Wounds are chronic especially due to neuropathy and impaired blood perfusion. All of this contributes to societal costs of treating long-standing diabetes mellitus.

During the Diabetic Wound Healing Workshop, we will cover three themes (see below) related to chronic diabetic wound healing and presentations from key researchers within the field and different research groups will inspire to two days of interdisciplinary thinking.

  1. Clinical aspects of diabetic wound healing: Clinical Challenges I
    Set the stage: Description the clinical problems.
  2. Pathogenic mechanisms
    Pathogenesis and host response mechanisms – also introducing novel concepts of diabetic wound management by biological factors
  3. Wound healing challenges from the technical side
    Wound dressings and drug delivery – novel approaches to bio-technical wound management
  4. Clinical Challenges 2
    Microbiota: friend or foe? Pre-clinical and clinical wound healing models.

Throughout the workshop, we will engage in group work, round table discussions, meet the professor-session and walk & talks. By the end of the workshop, we will discuss future perspectives and collaborations.

The workshop addresses PhD students, postdocs, young investigators, fellow researchers and clinicians with an interest in the field of diabetic wound healing.

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Learn more about the workshop and sign up at the Danish Diabetes Academy website

Registration deadline: 28 February 2020


Roskilde University, Universitetsvej 1, Building 42.2.-037, 4000 Roskilde, Denmark

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