The 9th Nordic Health Promotion Research Conference 2019

The 9th Nordic Health Promotion Conference: "Health: Societal responsibility or individual obligation?" is adressing sustainable health promotion in theory and practice.
Start:12. jun 2019 kl. 10.30
Slut:14. jun 2019 kl. 13.00
Sted: Roskilde University
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The 9th Nordic Health Promotion Research Conference addresses the question of how we as researchers are able to investigate and theorize the changing contexts for health promotion and the normativity’s intertwined with late-modern interests in health. How can we understand the duality of health as on the one hand a basic human right, a fundamental resource for living, as well as a precondition for societal cohesion and development, and on the other hand as increasingly becoming a civic obligation left for the individual to fulfill?

The assumption that health may be understood as a simultaneously societal, bodily as well as biological reality, subjectively experienced, objectively measured and socially constructed leads to a need for discussions of what health promotion is and can be in the future. It questions available theories and calls for in-depth reflections on how to engage with sustainable health promotion in theory, as researchers and in practice. Speakers and presenters at The 9th Nordic Health Promotion Research Conference are encouraged to address the conference theme from both empirical and theoretical angles providing a creative space for such reflections. 

Keynote Speakers

Professor Dennis Raphael, York University, Canada            

Professor Elisabeth Fosse, University of Bergen, Norway

Professor Betina Dybbroe, Roskilde University, Denmark

Professor Heikki Hiilamo, University of Helsinki, Finland

Associate Professor Malin Eriksson, Umeå University, Sweden

Associate Professor Kristian Delica, Roskilde University, Denmark

Associate Professor Toba Bryant, University of Ontario, Canada


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