6. Oktober: tiltrædelsesforelæsning ved Professor Sine Nørholm Just

To mark Sine Nørholm Just's professorship at DCA, you are hereby invited to her inaugural lecture Friday 6 October 2017 at 2.00 pm. in the Cinema (41.1-14)
Start:06. okt kl 14.00
End:06. okt kl 15.00
Sted: Biografen 41.1-14

The effect of affect – Strategizing the affective turn for communication studies.

The question of how reason and desire interrelate runs through the conceptual history of the humanities like a wildfire. Currently, the fire is fuelled by a turn to affect, suggesting the primacy of intensities of feeling over not only rational arguments, but also articulated emotions. For scholars of strategic communication, the affective turn raises one main issue: (how) may emergent affect be put to deliberate effect?

In her inaugural lecture, Sine Nørholm Just will address this issue from three angles: theory, practice, and ethics. That is, how are we to conceptualize strategic communication in the face of affectivity? What does affectively effective communication look like? And can such communication be put to good use?

There will be a reception after the lecture.