5th Nordic Organometallic Chemistry Meeting 2020

Join us in Roskilde for the 5th Nordic Organometallic Chemistry Meeting.
Start:23. jun kl. 12.00
Slut:24. jun kl. 12.00
Sted: Roskilde University, building 27, room 27.1.89
 Solar panels in field.
Photo: Unsplash

The conference seeks to connect researchers from the Nordic countries working in the fields of organometallic chemistry and related areas. We will explore common interests, which cover homogeneous catalysis, bioinorganic chemistry, biomimetic systems, energy harvesting, biomass conversion, solar power, or water splitting, but also other applications where organometallic chemistry is the core part of the research. 


Learn more about the conference and sign up directly at the conference website.


Roskilde University, Universitetsvej 1, building 27, room 27.1.89, 4000 Roskilde, Denmark

Map of Roskilde University